What is the difference between private excursion and group excursion?
The private tours allow you to choose routes and schedules to your liking and are exclusively reserved for you and your guests . The group tours are limited to one island of Capri , by participating you'll share the tour with other guests respecting the set times

How much does a boat excursion cost ?
It depends on the type of boat required .

Do you organize boat excursions for groups of people?
Yes, it is possible to organise exclusive boat excursions of your choice.

Can I rent and drive a boat without a drivers licence?
Yes, it is possible to drive a boat up to an engine size of 40 horse power.

If you don't desire to personally drive the boat is it possible to have a personal skipper to do so?
Yes, We can personally organize for you one of our local experienced skippers who will accompany you throughout your boat excursion.

For how much length of time during the day does the boat trip last for?
A day's boat excursion starts from 9.00 am uptill 6.30 pm.

What procedure do you follow when booking on line?
You first enquire if the boat you have chosen is vacant for that period, as soon as this is confirmed you will be asked to pay a deposit with Paypal system or with a bank transfer.

Is it possible to go fishing on the boat?
Of course, we can also supply you with fishing tackle.