Capri is the most famous and fascinating island in the Bay of Naples, and is a much-visited landing place in summer.

Only a boat trip among the most beautiful views of the island, many of which are inaccessible on land, can offer a complete visit of Capri. By boat, in fact, you can reach small hidden coves where you can swim or get a suntan and enjoy to the full the beauty of the island.

Grotta AzzurraThe excursion includes the trip around the island to appreciate at its best the beautiful scenery, like the Faraglioni Rocks, the numerous caves like the White Grotto, the Emerald Grotto and the Blue Grotto, famous all over the world for its intense azure colour, “Tiberius’s Leap”, where, according to legend, the emperor used to throw down to the rocks disobedient servants and unwelcome guests.

During the tour there is a stop for a pleasant swim in the crystal-clear waters and a tour of the island on foot to see its incredible attractions.

On request, we can arrange lunch in Capri, suggesting one of the many restaurants there


Weather conditions on the Sorrento Coast

Monday Sunny min: 63°F max: 66°F


Tuesday Sunny min: 63°F max: 67°F

Mostly Sunny

Wednesday Mostly Sunny min: 61°F max: 66°F