Nautica Sic Sic has grown from the experience and passion of people who have dedicated their lives to the sea for over twenty years.

Our company supplies wide ranging services for pleasure boats: from boat hire, including rubber dinghies and Sorrento boats, to boat trips in the most beautiful places in the Bays of Naples and Salerno, and maintenance and garaging services.

Our great passion for the sea and the enthusiasm with which we carry out our work means we can satisfy the needs of both expert sailors and beginners and advise on the best type of boat and itinerary for an unforgettable day on the sea.

Our fleet is made up of boats in perfect condition which have the best standards of instruments and equipment to guarantee maximum comfort and safety on the sea

The experience we have gained over many years allows us to offer very high standards and a variety of boats ranging from rubber dinghies, fast motor boats and Sorrento boats to large yachts.
Our staff awaits you to help you choose the best solution for your needs, from the choice of boat to itineraries.

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Rental boat in May

Experience a new Sorrento, changing your perspective!

Hiring a boat (rubber dinghy) in Sorrento is a fundamental step for those who which to discover in detail every strip of the marvelous Sorrentine Peninsula.  The indented [More details...]

Rental GoPro

Capturing moments highlight of your trip with the hiring of a camera GoPro

There is nothing more exciting than to enjoy an excursion in freedom and happiness. You can preserve the memory of the tour with us simply by hiring a Gopro camera.  [Continue reading...]

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